We at Sustainability Initiatives carry out policy research in the areas of sustainable governance, urban and environment planning, to bring positive change in the urban development pattern. We collaborate with expert professionals for identifying current gaps and conduct relevant investigative research in the domain of Sustainable Urban Development. Our research projects involve in-depth background studies, literature review, research design and methodology with theory of change, primary and secondary data collection and analysis, stakeholder consultations to execute detailed project reports. This scientifically conducted research strongly supports our advocacy initiatives.

We intend create a ripple effect through our initiatives and pave the way for an environmentally responsible society.

Research and Development within Sustainability requires significant funding and we need your support to be able to bring about a meaningful change! The support can be through your contributions in terms of time, your subject expertise, and access to your networks or monetary support. Let us embark on this journey of sustainable transformation, together!

Kindly write to us at if you would like to contribute and support our activities!